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How Tall Can/Should Residential Privacy Fences Be?

When buying a privacy fence, many people will pick a height at random or trust the manufacturer. This often leads to homeowners stepping on their neighbor’s toes or gaining the attention of the local authorities. Explore varying fence heights and learn more about how tall residential privacy fences can (and should) be before ordering your materials from American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta!

An Overview Of Average (And Legal) Fence Heights

It’s easy to imagine what the average fence looks like in front of a home, but harder to determine its height without measuring it. When purchasing privacy fences, the panels usually come in increments of 3 feet, 6 feet, and anywhere in between. But how do you know which height to use for residential properties? Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the fences used for front yards are drastically shorter than fences used for the backyard.

The common residential home with privacy fencing will have a 4-foot fence for the front yard and a 6-foot fence for the backyard. This is the standard for most areas, with minimal changes depending on the exact location.

Can I Adjust The Height Of An Existing Fence?

For fences that are already installed on a residential property, there are ways to extend the height to meet regulations or personal preference. Fence toppers are the easiest and most cost-effective way to add height to a privacy fence without replacing the entire border.

What Is The Tallest Possible Privacy Fence You Can Buy?

Six feet may be the highest height for the average fence, but you can buy taller privacy fence materials as needed. The maximum height that you can purchase at most places is 8 feet, but it’s not impossible to find one as tall as 12 feet. However, 12-foot-tall fences are a rarity and are often reserved for very niche uses. Before you start looking around for such a high-standing privacy fence, you’ll want to contemplate if it’s actually necessary and if the height falls in line with local laws and regulations.

Following State And City Fence Regulations

Before installing a privacy fence, the first thing you should do is research local fence height regulations. These rules can come from the state or city that the residential property is located in, or sometimes the house is under the guidelines set by the homeowner’s association (HOA). In Atlanta, the average fence height limits are usually 3.5 feet for the front yard and up to 8 feet for the back, but the exact dimensions may vary per zone.

Meeting Your Height Goals – The Best Privacy Fences For The Job

After deciding on the ideal heights for your next fence project, you need to decide which materials are best for meeting those requirements. Since the front yard needs to be shorter in comparison, both wood and vinyl are great choices for creating a welcoming or modern aesthetic. The backyard perimeter, however, is usually meant to be more practical and functional. Vinyl privacy fences are a popular choice for reaching the maximum level of privacy while being low-maintenance since there will be more materials involved.

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