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What Are The Best Fence Types For Humid Climates? Our Top Florida Fence Materials

Being a fence contractor in Florida comes with its own set of rules, like knowing how to get around the risks of living in a humid climate. To help make your life easier and to keep your business thriving, check out our top Florida fence materials that are best for humid climates before reaching out to American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando for premium fences delivered straight to you!

Why Humidity Is A Threat To The Average Fence

Ever noticed how your typical fence never seems to last over 5 years in Florida? You have the humid atmosphere to thank for that. A fence’s longevity becomes greatly diminished when it encounters threats to its integrity, such as rot or mold. These factors eat through the fence material over time and are often difficult (and sometimes impossible) to reverse. The cost of a replacement ends up being the more reasonable choice than trying to repair it, and procrastination isn’t a valid option if maintaining property value is the goal. However, no one needs to back down and accept this harsh reality when there are fence materials that can defend against moisture.

Is Humidity Worse In Florida Compared To Other States?

Florida is technically the second most humid state in the United States, followed closely behind Alaska. The Sunshine State has an average relative humidity of 74.5% with the most humid cities being Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and of course, Orlando. Why is Florida so humid? We live on a peninsula, surrounded by water on all three sides. This, unfortunately, means that our location alone is enough reason for moisture to fill our atmosphere and fuse with the hot air to create humidity so intense that nearly every other state can’t compete. This is one instance where coming in second place isn’t something to brag about.

What Are The Best Fence Options For Humid Climates?

Since there’s nothing we can do about the ocean (or the sun), it’s up to us to find ways around our humid climate. We might not be able to change the weather, but we can alter the products that we use for fences. Take a look at these innovations in fencing that are practically immune to humid environments:

#1 – Vinyl or PVC

There’s everything to love about vinyl fencing. It’s impervious to water and moisture, it’s the best value for your dollar, it has an incredible life expectancy, and it’s great for invoking a modern aesthetic. With practically no downsides, vinyl fencing is easily our top choice for humid climates.

#2 – Powder-Coated Aluminum And Steel

Normally, metal fences wouldn’t stand a chance in wet atmospheres, commonly succumbing to rust soon after being installed. But for those who want the allure of an ornate metal fence, there’s still a way. Powder-coated aluminum and steel repel water and moisture to discourage rust from forming, even in humid climates like Florida.

#3 – Pressure-Treated Pine

If your client absolutely has to have a wooden fence, pressure-treated pine (or PT pine) is a better alternative for fending off Florida’s humidity. But unlike vinyl and powder-coated metals, PT pine fences still require a bit of maintenance.

Are Humidity-Proof Fences Limited On Design Choices?

Floridians have impeccable style, and fences need to match that energy. Thankfully, going with a material that can survive humid climates doesn’t have to appear boring. Vinyl fences can come in many styles, and ornate metal fencing offers add-ons like caps and toppers.

The Best Supplier For Humidity-Proof Fencing In Florida

For the best fence types for humid climates, reach out to American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando at (407) 961-6073! We have a wide range of fence products with the option to customize them to your specifications. Ask us today about getting a material quote on your next order!