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5 Ways To Decorate Your Fence For The 2023 Holiday Season

For those who are in a rush to get their decorating done this holiday season, it’s not too late to get started. Lining a fence with the right accessories can liven up any home, and we have the easiest solutions that look stunning even on a time constraint or on a budget! All of the decorating hacks listed below look best on premium fence materials that are offered at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando.

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1. Going Bold With The Classics – Red, Green, and Proud!

Red and green is the universal color combination symbolizing the holiday season, and it’s never out of style to go all out with the classics around this time of year. Whether it be in the form of bows, garlands, wreaths, or ornaments, big and bold statement pieces can soften up even the grumpiest scrooges to be in the mood for joy and cheer! The bigger and brighter, the better, and such decor works great with practically any fence type which makes it even easier to achieve this classic look.

Here are some great examples:

  • A huge wreath hung in the middle of an estate gate
  • Large ornaments placed at the top of every other picket
  • Sparkling garland twirling down metal fence poles
  • Festive projections shining onto a white vinyl privacy fence

2. This Fence Has Character (A Cartoon Character, To Be Exact)

The usual garland and wreath isn’t enough for everyone, and that’s where this fun new trend comes in. Take popular and favorite characters that are beloved by many, and bring them to life with cutouts to slap onto the fence! This crafty idea can be as grand and creative as the hands putting it together. Give the illusion of a character gripping their hand around the fence picket, or their leg climbing over the railing. Even a simple “peeker” of a character looking over from behind the fence is whimsical and fun for all ages!

3. We’re Taking Back Nature This Holiday Season

Those who aren’t into the “tacky” holiday aesthetic can find comfort in a more rustic appeal, like nature-themed decorations. Imagine snowy pinecones cleverly placed along the fence railing or wreaths made of real twigs and leaves. It can be difficult to hammer in that woodland feel with a plastic white fence, but a beautiful wooden fence or even a wood-grained vinyl fence can better achieve this cozy outdoor look.

4. Minimalist Is Still In! Keeping It Simple With Soft White Everything

The beauty of white space is never forgotten, and this mindset can be practiced around the holidays for a stunning display of simplistic elegance. An easy way to evoke a minimalistic holiday aura is by draping a fence in soft white string lights. The best thing about this decorating staple is that it looks good on any fence type, from classic wood to modern vinyl.

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5. Dear DIY’ers, Check Out This Fun Holiday Project:

Getting crafty during the holidays is always a popular choice, but this especially reigns true this year. Not only is this route more affordable, but it’s also a great way to distract oneself from life’s ordeals whether it be the day-to-day monotony or any current stress inducers. An easy project to try this holiday season is taking tea lights and placing them in jars or lanterns to hang along the fence.

Show Your Holiday Spirit With Fences From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

For holiday decor to look its best, you need premium fencing like the ones from our curated selection at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando! Call our helpful team today at (407) 961-6073 to get started on a material quote for your next delivery.