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Fence vs. Gate – How To Tell Which One Is Right For Your Property

A gate can be a wonderful addition to any property, but it might not be for everyone. While some people might see a gate as a symbol of social status, others would rather keep it simple with a straightforward approach to instilling security. Learn more about when it may be appropriate to install a gate and when to opt for just the fence before reaching out to the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta for premium fencing materials!

Is A Gate Really Necessary? Review The Deciding Factors

For those who aren’t too sure about whether or not a gate is the right choice for their property, it helps to contemplate the main reasons why gates end up working nicely for people who go the extra mile:

The Layout of the Property

Regrets are usually made when a property owner puts the idea of owning a gate before the physical layout of said property. What we mean by that is, that the property should consist of areas that could actually benefit from a gate and put it to the most use.

The Available (Or Intended) Budget

Getting carried away with building or renovating is another reason for buyer’s remorse, and the best way to avoid that dreaded feeling is by calculating to see if a gate is in the budget to begin with. The anticipated cost of maintenance and repairs should also be put into consideration before the installation process.

The Property Owner’s Style Preferences

Contrary to what the average homeowner may think, a gate doesn’t always improve the look of a property. There may be some scenarios where a gate may actually contradict the theme of the intended aesthetic.

The Reasons For Considering A Gate

Gates serve a specific function, and that should be the main purpose for getting one installed. Any other reason, such as appearances or impressions, should come secondary. For a second opinion, it helps to contact your trusted fence supplier.

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The Best Times To Install A Gate

Despite the original intentions for installing a gate, it helps to understand the more concrete reasons as to how gates become valuable assets to some properties:

  • A gate works best when installed in front of an entry point that requires easy accessibility while maintaining security.
  • The access points should be in areas where a gate has enough room to operate unhindered, such as in front of the driveway of a home.
  • If the goal is to sell the property, estate gates are an effective way to boost the property value with improved curb appeal and the addition of practical features.

As you can see, there are many incredible benefits to installing a gate when the property is best suited for it. However, there’s nothing wrong with going with a fence-only setup.

When A Fence Is All You Need

If the primary goal is to keep people and pets inside (or people and animals outside), then you can accomplish that with just a fence. A fence is also a great choice for clearly defining property lines. Opting for only the fence allows several unique customizable options while promoting a seamless look throughout the entire perimeter.

Still not sure which is the best choice for your next project? Reach out to our team of professionals for catered suggestions just for you!

Fence Or Gate, American Wholesale Fenceworks Awaits!

At American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta, we carry a wide range of premium-grade fence and gate products for every type of property. Call us today to hear about our options and to ask for a material quote on your next order!