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How To Choose The Best Driveway Gate For Your Atlanta Home

Turning any dull property into a stunning fortress is possible with the right driveway gate, but choosing the best one can take a bit of effort. When finding the best driveway gate for your Atlanta home, you need to sort out your preferred functionality, accessibility, security, and style. How do you want your gate to open? How will you open it? How tough do you want it, or what do you want it to look like?

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Deciding On Functionality: Swinging vs Sliding Gates

When it comes down to the basics, driveway gates come in two types: sliding and swinging. Choosing a gate based on its function is always the first thing that should come to mind since it plays a big part in the overall experience. Sliding gates are often considered the most practical since they open quickly and don’t take up much space, but some property owners may value the appeal of a swing-open gate to make a great first impression with guests.

Accessibility Factor: Discovering The Best Gate Operator

Now we’re on to the tougher decisions with how one might access the driveway gate. There are countless ways to go about this, with a few of the most popular being:

  • Keypads
  • Card readers
  • Motion sensors
  • Tele-entry

Deciding on a gate operator is often as easy as identifying the type of property that it’s being used for. Card readers are typically reserved for commercial use, giving authorized employees easy access to the premises. For driveway gates, keypads or motion sensors are more practical for residential use. A reputable fence supplier will be able to offer you a comprehensive list of gate access controls to choose from.

Built For Security: What’s The Strongest Gate Material?

A driveway gate has the potential to offer added security for residential homes in the form of durability. Gates made out of high-quality wood like redwood cedar or cypress are decent options, or certain metals can be used for increased strength and weather resistance. Galvanized steel is long-lasting, making it a great choice to use for driveway gates. To be precise, galvanization is the process of fusing steel with a zinc coating which gives it resistance to rust and erosion.

Designing A Driveway Gate For Curb Appeal

Property owners often feel as though they have to choose between an extravagant driveway gate for curb appeal and a purely functional one with peak security and accessibility, but that’s not true. It’s entirely possible to find a gate that provides all of the top practical traits while still adding to the overall aesthetic of the property with impeccable style and flexible design choices. You just need to know where to look.

Where To Order Your Custom Driveway Gate In Atlanta

After deciding on the best qualities of a driveway gate for your Atlanta home, contact American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta today to get started on your custom order! We offer a wide selection of gate styles and materials as well as gate automation products like gate operators and access controls. Just tell us what you need, and we can make it happen!