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Maintain Your Property’s Safety With A Self-Closing Gate

There are countless ways to add security to any property, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equally effective. Where do self-closing gates fall on the scale? This is one investment that’s actually worth the money. After learning more about how to maintain security on a property with a self-closing gate, contact your reputable fence suppliers at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares for self-closing gates delivered with platinum service!

What Is A Self-Closing Gate?

As the name implies, a self-closing gate is one that is installed with a special type of hinge that is able to latch closed on its own. No supporting force is needed to get the gate’s momentum going for it to work which makes it a great choice for amping up security. Self-closing gates are especially popular, and sometimes required, in an industrial setting where safety is a top priority with machinery and other potential dangers found on the premises. In this case, these gates are often paired with a guardrail system.

Where Do You Put A Self-Closing Gate For Commercial Use?

Self-closing gates for commercial use are typically placed around areas that require personnel to be entirely alert of their surroundings for their safety. This includes next to ladders, stairways, heavy machinery, loading docks, restricted zones, and anywhere where there’s a risk of falling.

How Self-Closing Gates Make A Difference

Doing so much as to place a self-closing gate next to any potential dangers can prevent workers from getting into a disastrous, and sometimes fatal, accident. The reason why ordinary gates don’t always work in this situation is because there will always be that chance that someone forgets to close it. We’re only human, and things happen. But by removing the need to remember such an important task, the property can easily be much more secure.

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Keeping OSHA Regulations In Mind

If you are going to be installing a self-closing gate on a commercial property, you’ll want to double-check the OSHA regulations for doing so before you get started. You may need to abide by weight or capacity restrictions to avoid any liabilities.

Installing Self-Closing Gates On Residential Properties

Can self-closing gates be installed on residential properties? Many homeowners get self-closing gates installed on their pool fences to help avoid accidents right in their backyards. Pool drownings are unnervingly common because it’s easy for children or pets to fall into the water completely unnoticed. A self-closing gate can stop little ones from wandering where they’re not supposed to, thus adding priceless security to the property. Self-closing gates for pool areas are typically installed on metal fences with a powder coating like aluminum and steel. These metal fence varieties are extremely durable and can add a bit of style to any beautiful pool.

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Order Self-Closing Gates From American Wholesale Fenceworks

For self-closing gates that can add valuable security to any property, call American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares at (888) 610-1756 to learn more about our extensive catalog of fence products! We carry all kinds of fences and gates in high-grade materials, just ask us for a material quote on your next order.