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4 Reasons Your Orlando Home Deserves A High-Quality Pool Fence

It goes without saying that every backyard space needs a fence along the perimeter, but pools require even more protection with the addition of extra borders. Pool fences are a great way to make these swimming areas safer while adding aesthetics to any property. Learn more about why Orlando homes deserve high-quality pool fences and how American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando can supply you with everything you need!

1. Dress Up Any Pool With Significant Style

What does a pool fence look like, anyway? Technically, any type of fence could be used as a pool fence. However, this is the perfect chance for homeowners to add a unique flair to their backyard aesthetic. One of the most popular choices for pool fencing is the ornate metal fence which can come in many eye-catching styles. If you go with a fence wholesaler that specializes in premium-grade products, you can get your hands on powder-coated varieties that are waterproof. Having a metal fence that can completely repel water is an excellent trait to have around the pool.

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Available Ornamental Fence Styling Options

● Styles: Flat, Spear, Staggered Spear, Boxed-Spear, Pool Code

● Pickets: Finial, Pressed Spear, Closed Space, Puppy Pickets

● Toppers: Lattice, Spindle, Closed

2. Protection From Harmful UV Rays

Can having a pool fence protect you from UV rays? With the right type of fence materials, a pool fence can have the potential to protect swimmers from direct sunlight. Wooden and vinyl privacy fences are extremely popular in Florida with the ability to produce shade being one of the main reasons. Between the two, vinyl is often chosen for having UV protection and its seamless structure that leaves behind relatively zero gaps. Needless to say, vinyl fences make the perfect pool fences for Orlando homes!

3. Keep Private Pool Parties From Prying Eyes

The urge to throw a pool party to get away from the Florida heat is practically irresistible, but it can be difficult to have fun with the possibility of random pedestrians taking a peek at all of the commotion. We already talked about how vinyl privacy fences are gap-free to keep out the sunlight, but they can also help ensure that private pool parties stay private for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. For the best experience with privacy fences, it helps to understand why fence quality matters before ordering one.

4. Low-Effort Security For The Little Ones

If there are kids or pets on the premises, securing the pool area with a fence can prevent them from getting near the water unattended. This sort of protection is priceless which is why every family needs pool fencing for their backyard. Again, vinyl privacy fences may be the best choice for keeping the little ones out since there are no gaps to slip through and the resilience of the material also makes it difficult to chew through.

Are Pool-Related Drownings Common In Florida?

Pool drownings are, unfortunately, very common in Florida. In fact, Florida was ranked 3rd in the United States for the most unintentional drowning deaths among children ages 17 and below according to the CDC. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by having a pool fence locking kids out of the pool area.

Order High-Quality Pool Fencing From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

To have top-grade pool fencing delivered straight to you, call American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando at (407) 961-6073 to speak with one of our specialists about our selection of pool fences! We will help you find the best pool fence for you followed by a material quote on your next order. We carry all kinds of pool fence materials including vinyl and powder-coated steel and aluminum.