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Driving vs Digging Fence Posts – Our Guide

There’s more than one way to install a fence post, but is one method better than the other? Everyone will have their preferences and claim that their way is superior, but for a better answer, it helps to take a step back and look at the objective facts. American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta will help you identify the solid differences between driving and digging your fence posts so you can decide which method is better for you.

What Is The Difference? An Overview Of The Processes

The difference between driving and digging may not sound like much until you have to do it yourself. To put things into perspective, we’ll go over the specific details of each process:

The Digging Method

Old-school fence contractors will be more familiar with implementing the digging method. This way requires an auger to dig out a large and deep hole. After the hole is made, cement is poured in to be used as the foundation for the fence post. Many people still use the digging method because they believe it’s the best way to permanently secure fence posts.

The Driving Method

Also known as the pounding method, driving fence posts circumvents the need for an auger or cement. Instead, the fence posts are driven directly into the ground. This can be done by either hand or machine.

The Benefits Of Driving Fence Posts

Many fence installers are adopting the driving method because it allows the fence post to make a solid connection with the ground itself as opposed to relying on a separate block of concrete. Fewer holes are created this way which is another desired benefit since it does a better job of preserving the lawn in its more natural state. And since these posts are driven deep into the ground, they are often crafted with materials that can better resist erosion that can otherwise happen during prolonged contact with moisture and soil. The only disclaimer to note is that this method requires a high skill level to ensure that the posts are installed evenly and securely for peak stability.

Why The Auger And Cement Method Is Becoming Obsolete

Augers are handy for creating holes in the ground, but that’s also why people are trying to get away from using them. Once the soil has been dug up and desecrated, that area of land will take a long time to return to its natural state (if ever). Plus, loosening the soil can disturb the overall foundation despite using cement to hold the fence posts. And because cement is capable of cracking and coming apart when exposed to intense weather conditions, this method typically lasts half as long as the driving method. When you consider all of the facts, digging your fence posts takes more work for a less effective outcome.

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