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6 Reasons To Secure Your Property With Keyless Gate Locks

Installing a gate is a great idea for both security and aesthetics, but many would rather not get one installed just because of the stress that comes with having yet another key to worry about among other reasons. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Property owners can enjoy the benefits of owning a gate while circumventing the need for a physical key. How is this possible? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here to show you how gate automation products like keyless gate locks are a great way for people to secure their property.

1. Never Worry About Losing Entry

The main appeal of keyless gate locks is the fact that people can’t get locked out of their own property. They can finally say goodbye to that heart-sinking feeling of losing their key because there’s no key to be lost in the first place. Otherwise, one would find themselves sitting outside for hours waiting for help to arrive which can put a damper on anyone’s day.

2. Lessen The Risk Of Unauthorized Access

Other than sitting around out in the open waiting for the situation to be resolved, another thing to stress about after losing a key is the fact that any stranger can come across it and use it to gain unauthorized entry. But with no key to be stolen, the chances of someone trespassing are greatly reduced. That’s because criminals are less likely to find a gate code lying around for properties equipped with keyless gate locks.

3. Eliminate The Need To Change Locks

Whether a key was lost or there’s been a change in residency, keyless gate locks also eliminate the need to switch out the locks entirely. The system would simply need to be reprogrammed with a new code which would only take a matter of minutes for a hassle-free solution without needing to take anything apart.

4. Share Access Without Hassle

With a traditional lock, it can be difficult to provide a means of access while simultaneously remembering and managing who has authorization to enter the property. The property owner would have to go to a specialist to get a duplicate key made, and then a meetup would be required to hand over the key to the authorized person. With a keyless gate lock, sharing access is as simple as sharing the code which can easily be done over the phone or through text.

5. Enter Your Property With Ease

Another major issue with key-based gate locks is the task of opening it and passing through safely which is practically impossible when in a vehicle. When installed appropriately, the keypad can be reached through the car’s window so there’s no need to step out to open the gate, thus providing a safer and more convenient way to enter the property.

6. Secure Any Type Of Gate

Keyless gate locks can be installed on any type of gate including ones for driveways, yards, pool areas, and more. Because keyless locks can be used universally, property owners have the luxury to choose from a wide variety of stylish options for their gates. The appeal of ornate gates equipped with keyless locks can greatly increase one’s property value.

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