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What Is The Best Type Of Fence For Dogs That Dig?

We may not know exactly what dogs are thinking when they do the things that they do, but we’re able to notice certain patterns and how to work our way around them. One thing that’s been a common problem with dog owners is the issue of digging under fences, but there are certain types of fence materials that are better at discouraging digging than others. While a typical wooden fence may be cause for concern, American Wholesale Fenceworks will be showing you the best type of fence for dogs that like to dig.

Aluminum And Steel Fences

Chewing and digging go hand-in-hand, but take away the ability to chew and the digging may stop. Metal fence materials like aluminum and steel are impossible for dogs to bite and chew through which can be enough to discourage them from trying to dig any further. The stability of these metal posts will also remain sturdy while other fence types may sway or topple over during digging attempts. The spacing of the metal poles also provides enough visibility to keep dogs from being curious as to what’s on the other side which is a common reason why dogs dig in the first place. For smaller dogs, puppy pickets can still provide visibility while closing up the gaps for better security.

Chain Link Fences

Another fence trait that can discourage digging is being completely flush with the ground because many dogs will only try to dig when they see the opportunity to get to the other side via a gap. Chain link fences can be installed along the ground while offering the benefits of metal fencing. It’s like having a see-through wall with the durability of metal which can stop most dogs from wanting to dig underneath it.

Vinyl Picket Fences

Metal isn’t always the material of choice for most homeowners, but other types of fencing like vinyl are good options for dogs that tend to dig. Vinyl is usually the ideal choice because it can discourage digging while offering the usual benefits that people like about it. Where dogs are concerned, vinyl is difficult to chew through which can make digging to the other side seem impossible. Vinyl picket fencing can provide this level of strength while allowing just enough visibility to quell a dog’s curiosity.

Pressure-Treated Pine Fences

When the goal is to prevent digging, wooden fences usually aren’t the first to come to mind, for a good reason. Most ordinary wooden fences can be torn through easily by any determined dog, but pressure-treated pine is a special case. The additional reinforcement of PT pine boards gives it an awful taste that dogs don’t like, so they’re likely to step away before attempting to dig around the fence.

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