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6 Types Of Fences To Consider For Your Rental Property

Is your rental property in need of renovation? Getting a new fence can go a long way for you and your tenants by offering security, privacy, and curb appeal. If you’re not sure what kind of fence to get for your rental property, consider these recommendations from the trusted professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta!

1. Wooden Picket Fences

You can never go wrong with the classics, and wooden picket fences represent the traditional American home. The familiar look is cozy, comfortable, and goes with practically any home aesthetic. A regular wooden fence may require a lot of maintenance, but opting for pressure-treated pine is an easy way to add protection with minimal effort. PT-pine fences are a great idea for rental properties because tenants will be able to enjoy them for quite some time without feeling obligated to perform any upkeep.

2. Vinyl Picket Fences

If you’re fond of the picket fence look, you might also want to consider vinyl materials. Vinyl picket fences can give your rental property the classic appeal you’re looking for but with little-to-no maintenance required. This will be great news for your tenants, and they’ll likely appreciate the more modern choice in terms of style.

3. Vinyl Privacy Fences

Perhaps more popular than the vinyl picket fence is the vinyl privacy fence, and for a good number of reasons. It’s the easiest type of fence to install because they come in whole panels rather than individual pickets, and most residents prefer having maximum privacy while they enjoy the outdoors. And of course, vinyl privacy fences require hardly any upkeep to maintain as one of the many benefits that come with privacy fencing.

4. Wooden Privacy Fences

You can provide your tenants with plenty of privacy while keeping things traditional with wooden privacy fences. Although they’re not as low-maintenance as vinyl fencing, you can get them in either cedar or cypress wood varieties that are known for having natural durability and resistance to certain elements.

5. Ornate Aluminum Fences

When considering fencing made of metal poles, aluminum is seen as one of the most cost-effective options. This is because aluminum is both light and durable which makes it a top choice for rental property owners looking for a great value. They require minimal maintenance which makes things easier on the tenants, and this ornate style looks amazing with high-end housing. There are even plenty of customizable options available to create a unique look.

6. Chain Link Fences

For a truly low-cost metal fencing option, chain link may be the answer you’re looking for. Even though it’s often considered a cheap choice, chain link fences provide incredible tensile strength that’s unique to this particular material. Plus, you can opt for vinyl coating in various colors for greater visual appeal that your tenants will appreciate.

Order Fence Materials For Your Rental Property At American Wholesale Fenceworks!

When you order from American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta, you have all of these fencing options to choose from (and more) for your rental property. Just contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information about our products and to receive a material quote on your next order!