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How Does Fence Warranty Work? Here’s What You Should Know

Anyone might be full of questions when it comes to fence warranties, especially if it’s their first time buying a new fence or they’ve had to deal with owning fences that don’t support warranties. In that case, allow American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando to teach you how to fence warranties work along with everything else you need to know!

The Significance Of Fence Warranties And Why We Offer Them

When you consider the cost of fencing materials and the effort it takes to install them, you begin to realize just how important these structures are and how much of an investment it is to own one. No one wants to put all of that time and money into something that doesn’t have any sort of security to fall back on in case the worst comes to pass, especially if they’re a Florida resident waiting for the next storm to make its rounds. Because of the uncertainty that comes with living in an unpredictable climate, having a fence warranty can be enough to turn the tide. This is why it’s worth it to take a moment to ask about the available warranties that could be helpful later on.

What Warranties Do And Do Not Cover

Every warranty is different depending on the type of material and the values of the company that sells them. But as a general rule of thumb, warranties typically cover anything that’s not the fault of the customer. This includes manufacturing errors, faulty installation (if done by an authorized contractor), and natural occurrences. Normal wear and tear usually aren’t covered just because that’s to be expected of owning a fence for a prolonged time. But let’s say, for example, you accidentally bumped into your fence while backing into your driveway. The cost of repairs would likely not be covered under warranty because the incident would be out of the manufacturer’s control yet preventable by the customer.

How To Keep Warranties Valid

Nothing is worse than voiding a warranty as soon as a new fence is acquired. But as long as one takes the time to educate themselves by reading the fine print or asking questions, it can be rather easy to ensure that a warranty continues to stay in effect. For instance, some warranties state that coverage will be denied if the fence isn’t installed by an authorized contractor. Warranties can also become void should the owner choose to perform repairs or alterations themselves without seeking the services of an authorized contractor. When in doubt, always call to ask your local fence supplier before taking action.

Getting A New Fence? Ask Us About Our Warranties!

For premium fencing materials that come with warranties, be sure to call American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando at (407) 961-6073 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful specialists about everything you need to know before receiving a material quote on your next order. You can also view warranties on the products that we offer before you buy!