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8 Questions To Ask When Buying Materials From A Fence Supplier

Before jumping headfirst into buying fence materials from a random supplier that you found online or in a phonebook, it pays to be smart and tread lightly. You’d be surprised at how asking a simple question can affect your decision to stick with a company or look for another one. To help you find the perfect match, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here with a list of questions that you need to be asking when you buy materials from a fence supplier.

1. How Much Expertise Does Your Company Have?

The first thing you want to know when talking to a fence supplier is how qualified they are in their industry. It’s easier to put your trust in professionals that already know exactly what they’re doing, and such a company will proudly let you know how many years of experience their staff has in the field.

2. Are You Able To Ship To My Location?

You don’t want to spend a great deal of your precious time discussing fence types and prices just to find out that the supplier you’re contacting doesn’t even ship to your location. Be sure to confirm this important piece of information as soon as you can in case you need to keep calling around. However, an established fence supplier will have a rather wide shipping radius from multiple locations.

3. Do You Offer Pricing Estimates?

Even if the final price fluctuates a little from the initial offer, having a pricing estimate to go off of can help you plan your finances before you commit to buying. By that logic, it is completely reasonable to ask your fence supplier for a material estimate.

4. What Are My Payment Options?

Figuring out your method of payment before you agree to the terms of the order can also help plan your finances. Many successful fence suppliers are lenient in the payment methods that they accept including cash, check, and a wide range of credit cards. You may even ask about how to establish a credit account in the meantime.

5. Do You Offer Any Warranties?

In order to protect everyone involved, you may want to make your choice based on the availability of warranties. These warranties typically come from the brand of the fence material itself, but good fence suppliers make an effort to select brands that promote great offers.

6. Can You Fabricate Custom Fences?

If the job calls for something out of the ordinary, it might be difficult finding a fence supplier that can accommodate you. Thankfully, some fence suppliers will gladly let you know if they have the means to fabricate custom fence designs if you ask.

7. Do You Sell Fence Security Products?

For projects that require fence security products like gate automation and access controls, it’s a good idea to purchase these products and your fence materials from the same place to ensure that everything is compatible with each other and to keep your purchases consolidated.

8. Do Your Fences Come With Specific Care Instructions?

Difference fence types involve different levels of care and handling. To make sure that your fence installation goes smoothly and to promote a long lifespan, ask your fence supplier if their products require special care or if they have any maintenance tips for different types of fencing.

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