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5 Reasons To Avoid Big Box Stores & Hire A Fence Wholesale Company

If you have a big home improvement project that you’re working on or are running a fence installation business, then you know how important it is to get the fence materials that you want all in a timely manner. And if that’s the case, then American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta is here to tell you the reasons why you need to avoid big box stores and hire a reputable fence wholesale company like us!

1. Talk To People Who Understand Fencing Products

One of the main reasons why people don’t bother asking for help when they go to big box retailers is because these stores will hire anyone in need of a job regardless of their knowledge or expertise. When you go shopping for fence materials, you should be able to talk to industry experts who can make educated recommendations based on your needs and budget while answering any questions you have about fencing in general which is why it’s better to do business with trained fence wholesalers.

2. Get The Exact Amount Of Fence Materials That You Want

The thing with home improvement retailers is that they can only carry so many fencing materials at a time in their warehouse, especially since they have to accommodate room to carry all kinds of other products. Fence wholesalers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about shelf space since everything is shipped straight to you. This means that there’s practically no limit to how many materials you can buy at any given time.

3. Save Money On Wholesale Prices

Big box stores have a bad habit of marking up their prices for profit and will use the illusion of “convenience” as an excuse for the increased charges. Since fence wholesalers are able to easily craft, pack, and distribute materials without the intricacies of running a retail store, they can cut costs which means lower prices and greater savings for you!

4. You Aren’t Restricted To Limited Options

The fence styles that you see at a home improvement store are reflective of what’s currently popular or what the local community shows an interest in. If you want a fence material or style that’s not indicative of those two factors, then you might not find what you want at these retailers. Fence wholesalers aren’t limited in this aspect and can often provide extensive catalogs containing a seemingly limitless number of types and styles. Some are even able to fabricate custom designs for a truly unique product.

5. Get Accurate And Timely Deliveries

For projects that are on a schedule, you can’t be waiting around for stores to update their product availability or style options. Many reputable fence wholesalers are quick to send out your order in a timely manner and with supreme accuracy so there are no hold-ups. You get exactly what you need when you need it so you can finish your projects right on time.

American Wholesale Fenceworks Is Your Go-To Fence Wholesaler!

Ditch the big box retailers and hire American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta as your reliable and trustworthy fence supplier in Georgia! We have an extensive catalog of fence types as well as a team of dedicated specialists who will ensure that your orders are accurate and on time. Call us anytime to learn more about our products and to receive a material quote.