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DIY’ing Your Fence To Save Money? Save Even More With A Fence Supplier

Most people already know that you can cut out the cost of labor by building a fence yourself. In fact, that’s one of the most common reasons why people DIY their fences rather than call their local contractor for help. Before you head over to a home improvement retailer to pick out your materials, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks are here to show you how you can save even more by ordering from a fence supplier.

Cut Out The Middleman, Save On Fees

As a distributor of all kinds of products, retail stores are more likely to raise their prices for profit. You can think of it as a “convenience” fee for having the supplies you need close by. While the idea of driving into town and picking up your supplies sounds like an ideal way to shop, you could be saving so much more by ordering from a fence supplier to deliver exactly what you need straight to your door. This is especially true if you have a larger project that requires fence materials in bulk. The retail store may not have all of the materials you need, and then you’ll be paying multiple stores a visit to buy out similar stock at varying prices. Buying all of your fence materials from a single fence supplier at a lower price just makes sense.

Saving on Installation vs Saving on Materials

When it comes to DIY’ing your fence, you have a choice to make. You can go with panels, or you can go with pickets. Installing panels may be easier, but they usually come at a higher cost since it takes more effort to pre-assemble them before placing them on the shelf. Even if you buy the pickets and have a contractor turn them into panels, you’ll still be paying labor costs. If you have the skills for the task, it would be much cheaper to settle for the pickets and install everything yourself. However, fence suppliers can offer both kinds at a lower price, giving you a little more flexibility in how much work you would like to put in while still saving you money.

Shopping Smart When Buying From A Fence Supplier

If you’re looking to cut costs everywhere you can regarding your DIY fence, the size of the product and the type of material plays a huge factor. The cheapest fence you can buy will most likely be a pressure-treated pine fence in the smallest size you can find that’s still legal and functional. It might be difficult to find such a product at a retailer, causing most people to settle for what they do have which can come out rather expensive. Fence suppliers, on the other hand, are able to fabricate orders in-house so you can get the exact product you want for your budget with little to no problem!

Call About Competitive Pricing At American Wholesale Fenceworks!

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