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The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Fence Materials

First time buying wholesale fence materials? Since you’ll be ordering in bulk, you might be hesitant about placing your order without having prior knowledge or experience. Even if you’ve been purchasing fence materials for some time now, there might be a few tips that you weren’t aware of that could help you be more efficient and economical. Either way, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando have your back with this ultimate guide to wholesale fence materials!

A Breakdown Of the Materials

When buying wholesale, there are many fence materials to consider. You might be tempted to make your decision based solely on looks, but there are other benefits to consider. It’s important to be aware of all of your options to be able to find the best fit for the job.

Wooden Fence Types

Wooden fences commonly come in pine, cedar, and cypress species. Nowadays, pine boards can be pressure-treated for added protection. Wholesale fence suppliers can set you up with the materials for traditional picket, privacy, and semi-privacy styles according to preference.

Vinyl Fence Types

Vinyl fences are quickly becoming the common choice to go with today’s modern aesthetic. They’re a durable and low-maintenance option while coming in a wide variety of styles. Wholesale suppliers will have the means to cut your vinyl fencing in a number of ways, including straight, scallop, or saddle. If ordering pickets, dog-ear and pointed tops are also pretty popular.

Metal Fence Types

Metal fence styles can be drastically different from one another. From ornate post styles to chain link fencing, metal offers durability and sustainability. This is also the ideal type of fence for adding automated gates for extra security. You can get your metal fences powder-treated to better resist moisture damage.

Establishing Goals And Choosing The Right Material

Not everyone buys fences for the same reason. Depending on the property, the owner may want to prioritize style over costs or functionality, or they may only care about functionality over looks. It’s also very common for homeowners to simply choose the most budget-friendly option just so they can have a fence while saving the most amount of money. Here are some examples of choosing the right fence material depending on the property owner’s goals:

  • Affordability: If the point is to go as cheap as possible, wooden fences made with pressure-treated pine are usually the most affordable option that still does the job well.
  • Security: Facilities in need of security can benefit from the many types of chain link fences in addition to automated gate systems programmed with keypads or card readers.
  • Low-maintenance: Both vinyl and powder-coated aluminum fences hardly require any upkeep as these materials stay in good condition on their own.
  • Longevity: Since powder-coated aluminum fences offer protection against moisture, they have a longer lifespan than most other materials.
  • Style: Vinyl offers the widest range of customizable options and can be fabricated in different colors, allowing for creative freedom in designing a unique fence style.

Why Choose American Wholesale Fenceworks?

The best way to get the precise fence materials and styles that you need is to order from a wholesaler that can fabricate custom orders in bulk. Purchasing from an experienced fence supplier like American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando will ensure that you get exactly what you ask for at great prices with speedy and accurate deliveries! Call (407) 961-6073 to speak with our friendly staff about getting a material quote and learn more about why you should choose us to be your fence supplier.