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Here Are The Best Looking Stains For Wood Fencing

When installing a wooden fence, getting it stained may seem more like a preference rather than a necessity. However, stains can come with protective qualities on top of adding a vibrant tint. The benefits of sealed vs stained fences is actually a common controversy among DIY’ers. But with a nearly unlimited selection of stain colors to choose from, how can anyone even begin to pick out a single one? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here with the best-looking stains for wood fencing for easier decision-making.

The Velvety Appeal of Redwood Stain

Starting off with an incredibly strong color, redwood stain offers a sort of elegance that not many other tones can accomplish. The dark shade that’s reminiscent of maroon and burgundy is a popular choice for modern homes, and it can work for fencing if done just right. A redwood fence against a white house can wake up the senses with such dramatic contrast. Whether the eyes divert to the reddish fence or the bright white walls, the complementary colors help each other stand out for an aesthetic masterpiece.

The Richness of Deep Bold Walnut

For those with a green thumb, the deep brown color of walnut brown stains on a fence act as the best backdrop to help the greenery really pop. No matter the style of the arrangements, like drooping vines or hanging baskets, everyone will easily draw their attention to the luscious and beautiful leaves and the occasional flower cluster before a bold and naturally colored wall. The result is a work of art that could grace the cover of a popular home garden magazine.

A Bright, All-Natural Look For Familiarity

Natural stains often come in brighter tones, and they do an excellent job of improving a property’s exterior in a more subtle way. Not everyone is looking for a dramatic effect with their landscape, and that’s perfectly fine! These natural stains when used on fencing can invite more depth and a sense of openness to white or beige properties with similar soft and bright tones on the exterior walls. Think of it as a clever extension of the building, tricking the mind into making the area appear much larger than it is.

Classic Cedar For Stylish and Quirky Undertones

Classic cedar is an interesting stain to use on a fence because it can be used for most exterior themes thus making it flexible and universal, but it comes in a uniquely bold and almost orange-tinted tone which many will see as peculiar and even quirky. In that case, can classic cedar stains be used willy-nilly? For those with an adventurous spirit, it’s worth it to take the chance because there’s really nothing to lose. The biggest takeaway is that it’s difficult for this stain to look bad on any property.

Get Pre-Stained Fences At American Wholesale Fenceworks!

Did you know that staining fences no longer needs to be a messy and tedious DIY project? You can now offer the benefits of wood stains without the hassle by ordering your fences pre-stained from us! At American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta, we can pre-stain wooden fences in all of these popular tones like redwood, walnut, natural, and classic cedar. Call our team of specialists to get started on a material quote!