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Pros of Ordering Pre-Stained Wood for Your Fence

Staining your fence is a great way to get the natural wood color that you want, but did you know that you could get your fence material pre-stained? But how reliable is this new method? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares want you to know the pros of ordering pre-stained wood for your fence!

Do I Really Need to Stain My Fence?

Many homeowners look into stains because they want a new look for their fences, but is it really necessary? While staining your fence isn’t exactly a requirement, the added coating comes with so many benefits. Aside from giving you the natural color that you want, it can also increase your fence’s durability by toughening up the fibers. Plus, the special coat doubles as a protective layer that’s more resistant to rot and moisture. So by staining your fence, you’re doing so much more than just adding color. But can you get the same benefits from buying your wood pre-stained?

The Pros of Pre-Stained Wood

Thanks to genius innovation, you no longer need to stain wood yourself! But can you really rely on pre-stained wood to show the same level of quality? You’ll be glad to know that buying pre-stained wood is just as wonderful as it sounds, if not better.

Achieve a More Consistent Look

Stained wood can have an unsatisfactory appeal if done by untrained hands. It takes some skill to produce a smooth and consistent application but ordering your wood pre-stained is a way to guarantee the look you’re going for. It should come as no surprise that leaving the job to the professionals, or even a machine, can bring you greater results.

Ensure a High-Quality Product

Pre-stained wood is produced in a controlled environment where there’s nothing around to compromise the delicate process. When you stain a fence yourself after installation, you have to hope that the weather doesn’t work against you. High winds and rain can ruin your stain job while it’s still in the drying process. There’s also a chance of animals and children touching and smearing the stain during this stage of the process.

Spend Less Time Doing It Yourself

Some people who look into staining their fence underestimate how long it takes to finish the job. Depending on how big your fence is and the kind of stain that you use (among other factors), staining your fence can end up being an all-day process. By buying your wood pre-stained, you’ll save so much time skipping this process altogether.

The Most Popular Stain Colors

If you’re new to stains, you may be overwhelmed by all of the different color options. It can be difficult to sort through every single shade and compare them to the aesthetic of your home. If you don’t want to deal with spending too long on finding the right color stain, there are some popular options that you really can’t go wrong with:

  • Redwood stain provides a beautiful deep red reminiscent of burgundy that’s great for homes with a dark neutral ambiance.
  • Walnut stains are a rich deep brown that gives a cozy feel and can complement homes with muted colors.
  • Natural wood stains give off a pleasant brightness that works exceedingly well around homes that flaunt bold and exciting colors.
  • Classic cedar stain is a beautiful yet safe option that pairs well with any exterior home aesthetic.

Where to Get Pre-Stained Wood Near You

Wondering where you can buy pre-stained wood for your new fence? American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares carries all kinds of pre-stained wood in all of the popular colors mentioned above! Call (888) 610-1756 to learn more about how you can order pre-stained and get a material estimate.