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Fence Trends In Florida In 2023

Florida is easily one of the most exciting states in our nation, being a prime hotspot for riveting parties and relaxing vacations alike. With such a popular reputation, it’s only reasonable for property owners to want an exterior aesthetic that matches the community’s lively spirit. American Wholesale Fenceworks is here to show you the best fence trends in Florida in 2023 for sprucing up properties in a way that’ll make heads turn.

Two-Toned Privacy Fences

One of the most popular trends that are here to stay is that of the two-toned fence. Something about bringing two complementary colors together is a satisfying sight to behold and is a fast track to exhibiting a modern theme. Florida property owners in particular have taken a liking to the tan picket with white post and rail combo as a safe choice that looks fantastic on most lawns. The soft tones glow effortlessly in the Florida sunlight.

This trend is typically done with vinyl privacy fencing because it’s easy to acquire this material pre-colored in a variety of solid and woodland tones.

Solid Colors

Woodland Colors

● Almond

● Khaki

● Sandstone

● Tan

● White

● Aged Cedar

● Chestnut Brown

● Natural Cedar

● Redwood

● Weathered

Shadowbox Fencing

The people of Florida love their privacy fencing. It offers great security while sporting a contemporary look which can sound incredibly appealing to anybody. That’s why designers are constantly finding fresh and creative ways to cater to these desirable traits with the latest innovation being the shadowbox style. This new trend is like a two-for-one deal as it requires two layers of pickets in an alternating layout that provides ample privacy in a unique way. This is commonly done with wooden fencing for a rustic feel.

The shadowbox fence style is very similar to the board-on-board style which was deemed one of the most popular fence types of 2023.

Curved and Rounded Tops

Flat fences have been the norm for far too long, and Floridians are looking to change things up. The need for something new and divergent is what sparked the idea of curved and rounded fence tops as a way to bring something new to the neighborhood. Call it a modern tweak to an otherwise classic design. This simple change makes such a significant difference to a property’s aesthetic, and the best part is that it’s perhaps the most affordable trend on this list.

Mix-Matched Fence Materials

Why settle for one fencing material when you can have two? Each material comes with its own benefits which makes it hard to choose. But if you find a good distributor that can craft custom fences, you can mix and match your materials to achieve the best of what each type has to offer. You can have the strength of aluminum panels with the allure of wooden or vinyl posts, or you can enjoy the traditional appeal of a wooden fence with added reinforcement from aluminum fence toppers. Nowadays, there’s almost no limit to what you can do.

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