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Most Popular Fence Types For 2023

If you know that you’ll be needing a new fence this year but aren’t sure about what style you should go with, you can never go wrong with choosing what’s currently popular. Going with what’s trendy is also a great way to surprise your guests and get the conversation going. Today, the experts at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando are here to show you the most popular fence types for 2023!

Board-On-Board Privacy Fences

Today, the luxury of privacy is valued now more than ever. There are too many uncertainties in the world anymore that we can’t help but feel the need to be even more safe and secure in our own homes. Privacy fences are a great way to achieve that. However, board-on-board fencing takes it a step further by doubling up on the wood panels to ensure that there isn’t as much as a tiny gap. A regular privacy fence will have boards that are close together, but there is still a bit of allowance that’s left over due to the wood reacting to certain weather conditions. Board-on-board fences ensure that there is another layer of wood on the other side of these minuscule gaps thus completely removing any chance of someone peeking.

Stockade or Horizontal Privacy Fences

When it comes to privacy fences with some style, both stockade and horizontal fencing give off a simple and pleasing look while providing a great deal of privacy. These fences make for an excellent backdrop for backyard parties and gatherings while keeping the event shielded from any outside visibility. And because of the simple and straightforward nature of these styles, they can also act as a blank canvas for decorating them any way you want!

Black Chain Link Fences

You probably never expected to consider chain link fencing for your home, but this particular style has come a long way and now people are itching to build their very own. But we’re not talking about just any ordinary chain fence. Homeowners have just recently discovered the modern beauty of black woven chain fences and their flexibility in design as they can be combined with wooden posts for a unique and exciting look. Not only that, but the materials are cost-efficient and it’s easy to install. When you think about it, there are many more benefits to chain link fencing.

Any Low-Maintenance Fence Type

Visual appeal is great, but many homeowners nowadays are beginning to prioritize functionality over style. In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find the time to practice regular fence upkeep. This is why any type of fence with impeccable quality that requires little to no maintenance is like a dream come true for those who already have a tight schedule. Thankfully, it’s very possible to have a beautiful and long-lasting fence that can stand on its own with minimal care.

Let Us Help You Build Your Trendy New Fence!

At American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando, we have everything you need to build the trendy fence style you want to go with! You can have wooden panels custom-made to your specifications, and we have vinyl-coated chain link fences in black, green, and brown for a more unique flair. Call (407) 961-6073 today to ask about placing a custom fence order and to receive a free quote.