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4 Reasons Landscape Designers Should Use Fence Wholesalers

There’s a lot that goes into landscape design, and those who work in this profession know that every single aspect can end up being a tedious endeavor. Every little bit goes a long way, whether it’s a method for cutting costs or saving time. American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares is here to show you why landscape designers should use fence wholesalers for their next project.

1. It’s More Cost-Efficient On Both Ends

Hiring a fence installer for both the service and materials can add up along with all of the other expenses that come with quality landscape design. A landscape doesn’t just involve the fence, after all. With so many other assets to factor in, you can save your client a lot of money by cutting costs in any which way you can. And when you’re able to offer a lower price than the competition, the client’s choice leans more in your favor. One way you can work some financial magic is to buy your fence materials from a wholesale distributor and leave the task of installation up to you or your own company. Buying wholesale is also the more affordable choice when building a fence for acreage.

2. Landscape Designers Can Stay In Control of the Project

There’s another benefit to not outsourcing your fencing installation. When you hire a fence installer, you may have to leave the details up to them and their own set of protocols. This means that if your client wants something specific done with their perimeter, the decision on whether or not they get what they want is up to whichever fence company you choose to hire. By leaving the task to yourself or your own team, you’ll have more control over the situation rather than leaving it up to outside parties.

3. Product Availability Is Less of An Issue

Sometimes, local fencing companies have limited stock of what they’re able to carry. This can be troublesome for larger properties that require a great number of fencing materials. You can cut out the middleman by ordering those materials from a fence wholesaler yourself instead of waiting and relying on a fence installation company to reach out to their distributor before cycling back to you. Oftentimes, you never have to worry about availability when dealing with a wholesaler especially when they have the tools to fabricate your order themselves.

4. There’s Room For More Creative Freedom

When you go through a local fence company, another limitation you may run into is the available selection of fence types to choose from. However, placing orders directly with a fence wholesaler can free up your options so you can get creative with your landscape designs. You can have two-toned vinyl surrounding the perimeter, an ornate aluminum fence around the pool area, and a classy wooden fence protecting the garden. The possibilities are practically endless!

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