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How to Avoid Fence Damage From Animals

If you’ve ever looked out your window to see a mischievous raccoon scaling your fence or a deer treating it like a hurdle, you know the reality of animal-induced fence woes. Whether you have a wood, metal, vinyl, or any other fence on your property, it’s vulnerable to damage from all sorts of cute but pesky critters. Luckily, there are practical, effective ways to keep fences safe from our four-legged (or winged) friends.

Who Are Your Furry Foes?

First, let’s understand the culprits. Different animals pose different threats to your fence. For instance:

  • Deer: Olympic-level jumpers. They view fences as a fun challenge to leap over.
  • Woodchucks/Gophers: The diggers. They’ll tunnel faster than you can say “Oh my gosh!”
  • Squirrels/Raccoons: Your climbers. They see fences as ladders to their next adventure.
  • Birds: While they don’t physically damage the fence, their droppings can.
  • Cows/Horses: They might lean on, chew, or rub against fences.

Fortifying Your Fence: Tips and Tricks

Luckily, there are ways to make your fence more animal-proof. Here’s how:

  1. Height Matters: For those high-jumping deer, height is your best friend. A fence that’s 8 feet tall is usually enough to make Bambi think twice. It’s like setting the high jump bar just a tad too high for comfort.
  2. Underground Defenses: Against those pesky ground diggers, extend a mesh wire at least a foot underground along the bottom of the fence. It’s like adding a hidden basement level to your fence where no one’s invited.
  3. Close the Gaps: For climbers and small animals, reducing spacing between slats or using a solid design can discourage them. It’s like removing the steps on their personal fence ladder.
  4. Sturdy Materials: To deter larger animals like cows or horses, robust materials are a must. Think of it as choosing armor for your fence, strong enough to withstand some horsing around.
  5. Slippery Slopes: Adding a PVC pipe or similar material on top of the fence makes it slippery for those raccoon and squirrel acrobats. No more easy grip.
  6. Distraction Techniques: Sometimes, it’s not about the fence but about steering interest elsewhere. Bird feeders, salt licks, or designated play areas can divert animals away from your fence. It’s like setting up a decoy treasure chest for curious critters.
  7. Regular Maintenance: Regular check-ups and repairs can catch and fix small issues before they become big ones. It’s like giving your fence a health potion at the first sign of damage.

Remember, your fence doesn’t need to look like a fortress. There are plenty of options that blend style and animal deterrence. Think elegant but sturdy designs, decorative yet functional tops, and materials that are tough but classy.

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While we can’t control the whims and wanderings of our animal neighbors, we can certainly outsmart them with the right fencing. Opting for resilient, high-quality fencing materials is key to keeping your fence looking good and standing strong against animal antics.

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