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Modern Pool Fence Ideas For 2024

A pool is only as beautiful as the scenery around it, and having the wrong kind of pool fence can throw off the entire aesthetic. Keep your clients coming with these modern pool fence ideas for 2024 that they’ll be raving about for decades! The next time you need materials for a pool fence installation, be sure to call American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando for premium fence products delivered to you with platinum service.

Putting Beautiful Pools On Display With High-Visibility Fencing

There’s no sense in hiding a stunning pool that brings out the beauty of a luscious property, so why would you hide it behind a solid wall? Bragging about what you have is “in” right now, and a pool is a great way to establish status. There are plenty of modern ways to secure a pool while providing ample visibility in a trendy fashion.

How Mesh Fencing Pairs With Glamorous Pools

If the goal is to promote security and stability while allowing a clear view of the pool, mesh fences are the best for the job. Metal is the most durable material that you can get for fencing, and the mesh layout can appear nearly see-through if done right. This is a great choice for large pool areas built on an estate, especially when surrounded by well-maintained greenery.

Creative Yet Functional Pool Fences

If mesh fencing is out of the question, there are more creative ways to secure a pool with unique fence designs. A popular choice with many modern home enthusiasts is the beautiful merging of wooden fence posts with aluminum or steel pickets. This style provides great visibility, durability, and a unique look.

When Affordable Fencing Meets The “Trendy” Criteria

The modern look isn’t exclusive to large estates and high-end housing. You can achieve a modern pool fence on a budget by choosing affordable or cost-effective materials from any fence supplier that can craft any design.

Vinyl fences are often the go-to choice for modern homes. In most cases, the choices that are offered for vinyl fencing can get rather stale rather quickly. However, reputable fence wholesalers are able to spice things up with trendy designs like vinyl picket fences with a flat topper. This fulfills the desire for a unique and modern look while adding security to a pool at a reasonable price.

Pool Fences That Never Go Out Of Style

Sometimes the designs that we deem “modern” can transcend generations. It’s like we got it right the first time and we’ve been riding the wave ever since. This is especially true for ornate metal pool fences and traditional wood pool fences.

Stay Classy With Ornate Metal Pool Fences

With all of the different ways you can customize an ornate aluminum or steel fence, it’s hard to get bored of it. This is why it remains a popular option for modern housing pretty much every year. Powder-coated aluminum fences have added benefits around the pool such as water-repellent properties.

Manipulating Wood Fences With Modern Aesthetics

It can be hard to let go of reliable wood fencing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spin it to fit the modern theme. Wood can be cut and manipulated in so many ways that it can stay fresh and exciting in the hands of inspired designers. For 2024, popular wooden pool fences involve wide horizontal planks with small gaps in between. This style looks best with bright and bold stains like orangey hues.

Get Modern Pool Fencing From American Wholesale Fenceworks

At American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando, we stay up to date with all of the latest trends in fencing including modern pool fence designs. Be sure to call us at (407) 961-6073 or a material quote on your next fence project for premium products and platinum service you can count on!