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How To Safely Clean Your Wood Fence Without Pressure Washing

People clean their driveways, their walkways, and even their roofing, but not many people think to clean their fences. It’s not something that stands until the end of time without any maintenance or upkeep after it’s been installed. Wooden fences especially need love and care since they can be extremely susceptible to dirt, grime, moisture, and countless other things. Pressure washing is usually the go-to method, but there are good reasons as to why we highly advise against it. Let the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks show you better ways to safely clean your wood fence without using a pressure washer!

Determining When A Wooden Fence Needs Cleaning

Some wooden fences like pressure-treated pine boards are popular because they’re one of the more affordable fence types. But people often wonder why their wooden fence never seems to last any longer than a handful of years, and it’s usually because wood tends to deteriorate faster when exposed to natural elements. Unattended dirt and grime can infiltrate the wood fibers and break them down from the inside. And once that happens, there’s usually no turning back. That’s why it’s best to regularly clean wooden fences before these substances can build up and cause damage. Staining and sealing the fence can reduce the frequency of needed upkeep, or at least make it easier to clean.

Does It Need Cleaning, Or Replacing?

Cleaning a wooden fence often will undoubtedly make it last longer than not cleaning it, but there still comes a time when the fence will need to be replaced anyway. Irreversible physical damage or old age can’t be fixed with a simple cleaning, so it’s best to be prepared for a replacement at some point in time.

The Problem With Pressure-Washing Wooden Fences

The appeal of pressure-washers is nearly irresistible, especially when it comes to maintaining exterior aesthetics. It’s easy enough to use, and it gets the job done, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool to be using on a wooden fence. Even with the protection of sealants or stains, the high intensity of a pressure washer can still be too much for a wood fence to handle. Bits and pieces can easily chip away, and the more it goes through the process, the more material will be lost by the end of it. But if pressure-washing isn’t the most ideal way to clean a wooden fence, then what other methods are there?

Better Ways To Clean Wooden Fences

Another reason why people use a pressure washer on their fence is because they want a more “natural” way of cleaning, but using chemicals isn’t the worst thing when used properly. There are store-bought solutions made specifically for combating mold and mildew, including some of the more concerning ones like black mold or green algae. It also helps to think outside of the box, like using deck cleaner to clean a wooden fence under the protection of safety gear.

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Other Natural Alternatives

Even though specialized chemicals can get the job done, it’s understandable that many property owners would still be hesitant to use them. For natural solutions that are better than pressure washing, there are some homemade alternatives that can work just as well but with more labor involved. One of the most common DIY solutions for cleaning wooden fences is the vinegar and baking soda combo which can be scrubbed into the fibers. Plain dish soap is also great to use for touching up dirty spots.

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