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What Is The Best Material For Garden Fencing?

When maintaining a garden, it’s about more than just the plants themselves. Many things can affect the overall quality of the garden, such as the fence that stands behind it. A poor fence can make even the most beautiful bushes look dreary, and the moisture of a healthy garden can wear down low-quality fence materials. For the best materials to use for garden fencing, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando have you covered!

Wooden Garden Fences: Things To Consider

For many gardeners, it can be difficult to break away from the traditional appeal of a classic wooden fence. This is because aesthetically, using natural materials pairs well next to organic greenery. But of course, unprotected wood has its drawbacks when placed near plants and soil. Any moisture that it comes into contact with (which is inevitable when gardening) can cause it to rot and deteriorate much sooner than its expected lifespan. This is true even with regular maintenance. In turn, a rotting fence can attract bugs which will migrate over to the nearby plants. This can be prevented to an extent with high-quality pressure-treated pine, but there are even better choices for gardeners who are willing to have an open mind.

Vinyl Fences: The Easy Answer To Every Gardener’s Concerns

There are a few good reasons as to why gardeners are making the switch to modern vinyl fencing. While wood is prone to rotting easily when tending to a garden, vinyl is unaffected by exposure to moisture. That alone is enough reason to name it a better choice for garden fencing, but there’s even more to love about this plastic alternative. It’s low-maintenance so gardeners can direct all of their energy to their plants instead of worrying about their fence, and the many varieties in style options can prove to be a better background for bringing out the beauty of the plants. Classic white is already great for enhancing the green color of leaves and shrubs, but those who prefer the natural look of wood have the option to opt for wood grain patterns for their vinyl fence.

Steel And Aluminum Fences For High-Class Garden

Metal fencing like steel and aluminum is the go-to choice for gardeners who are looking for a more elegant approach to their garden’s aesthetic. Ornate poles, posts, and fence toppers can provide a refined look while allowing certain plants like vines to grab hold and turn an already gorgeous fence into a fantasy-like gardenscape. But doesn’t metal rust under frequent exposure to moisture? Top fence suppliers offer improved metal fence materials like powder-coated aluminum that are practically impervious to water damage.

Where To Buy High-Quality Garden Fences In Florida

American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando offers top-grade fence materials that are excellent to use for garden fencing. Call (407) 961-6073 today to ask about our pressure-treated pine, wood grain vinyl, and powder-coated aluminum the next time you need premium garden fence materials. After helping you find the materials that are best for your next project, we’ll give you a material quote followed by platinum delivery services.