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Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum Fencing In Florida

Anyone who is considering getting a new metal fence will be faced with many different types of metal but won’t know the pros and cons of each kind. Because of this, many people just choose whichever they believe looks best or simply guess and choose one at random. Sometimes, this method will lead to property owners ending up with wrought iron fences, but is aluminum actually better? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares will be comparing wrought iron and aluminum fences to put into perspective which one is the better choice.

The Many Drawbacks To Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing used to be seen as the higher-end choice, almost like a symbol of wealth. However, property owners have figured out that this material isn’t so great at providing the best experience. This has become especially true since powder-coated aluminum came to be. But what’s so terrible about wrought iron fences?

Maintaining Curb Appeal Is A Wasted Effort

The main issue with wrought iron is that it tends to rust incredibly easily. It takes so much effort in maintaining it so that it keeps its appearance that it ends up feeling like a part-time job. Even with careful upkeep every day, it’s doomed to rust over time. At that point, what was once carrying much of a property’s curb appeal ends up having the opposite effect.

The High Cost Of Shipping And Installation

The price of wrought iron is rather high compared to many other types of fencing, but there’s more to the overall cost than the material itself. Since wrought iron is incredibly heavy, the shipping fees also tend to be higher than expected. The increased weight also makes it more difficult to install which is why some places will also raise the cost of labor.

How Aluminum Fences Are Better In Every Aspect

Practically all of the problems that come with wrought iron are not even an issue with aluminum fencing. That’s because modern aluminum fences are often infused with a powder coating that gives them more protection and greater longevity. Powder-coated aluminum doesn’t rust or fade and requires zero maintenance. It’s easy to clean with a garden hose and its lightweight qualities also make it easier to install. The lighter weight also means smaller shipping fees along with the already affordable price compared to wrought iron. It’s almost as if the benefits of powder-coated aluminum fencing were meant to combat all of the problems that come with wrought iron fences!

The Benefits Of Aluminum Fencing:

● Does not rust when exposed to water

● Easy to spray down and clean

● Requires zero maintenance

● Does not fade with direct sunlight or aging

● Costs less in materials and shipping fees

● Easy to install

American Wholesale Fenceworks Carries A Wide Selection Of Aluminum Fencing

For a large selection of aluminum fences, call American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares at (888) 610-1756 to hear our options and to receive a material quote on your next order! Our aluminum fence materials are made with a protective powder coating for long-lasting results and you can customize your materials with a variety of decorative options.