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Do I Really Need Fencing To Keep Animals Away?

The idea of finding wildlife in someone’s backyard despite living in a high-traffic area may seem like a rare occurrence, but you’d be surprised! Many animals, large beasts and small critters alike, find their home in the middle of human civilization where they’re not shy to intrude on personal property to look for food and resources. How can you prevent this from happening? American Wholesale Fenceworks is here to show you how a fence can help keep animals away!

Use Object Permanence As An Advantage

When it comes to smaller creatures like bugs, insects, or tiny animals, coming up on a large barrier like a privacy fence that you can’t see over or around can be too intimidating to deal with. Most of the time, they’ll simply turn the other way and start traveling elsewhere without even making an attempt to breach the imposing wall before them. But what can be done about bigger, smarter animals?

Establish Dominance Towards Territorial Species

Many animals that live and survive in the city are actually quite territorial. Examples include raccoons, possums, coyotes, and so on. Although these animals may prove to be troublesome, it can be pretty easy to steer them away. These animals are smart enough to recognize a fence as an indicator of territory lines. And as a territorial species themselves, they may try to avoid conflict by steering clear of where they could be intruding.

Restrict The Area For Free-Roaming Animals

Larger species like cattle or deer need a lot of room to move around and graze. It’s unlikely for these types of animals to be found near someone’s backyard, but if it ever happens, they will most likely keep away from fences because these barriers interfere with the space that they need to exist. They would rather search for a more open area where they can roam around unhindered.

Present A Physical Obstacle That’s Unbreachable

There will always be animals that are capable of invading personal property, either on purpose or by accidental trespassing. Either way, having a physical barrier for defense can help in these situations. Durable and resilient fence materials can be resistant to bug and animal activity like biting, chewing, and scratching until they give up and go away on their own.

The Best Fence Types For Keeping Animals Out

If the goal is to keep animals away, there are certain fence materials and styles that are fit for the task:

  • Close-space aluminum or steel fences provide the highest level of strength to resist the tug and push of large animals while keeping them from passing through the gaps.
  • PT pine and vinyl are both resilient fence materials that can resist bites and scratches while providing little to no nutrients for bugs.
  • Tall privacy fences offer a complete seal around the area to deter animals from peeking in and wanting to cross over.

Secure Perimeters With American Wholesale Fenceworks!

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