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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Aluminum Fencing

A durable aluminum fence can serve you well for decades. While these fences resist rust and corrosion, they’re still prone to damage from accidents and the elements like any other fence. Wondering if it’s time to replace your fence? Read on to learn all about the signs that often indicate that aluminum fence replacement is necessary.

1. Your Fence Has Experienced Past Accidents or Damage.

Has your fence ever suffered damage from a car accident, vandalism, or an intense storm? Depending on the type and force of impact, accidents can cause major structural damage to an aluminum fence. For example, a strong hailstorm can misalign components, requiring the replacement of the entire fence. As a general rule, have your fence inspected after every significant storm or accident. Then determine whether it’s better to repair or replace any affected sections.

2. Your Fence Posts Are Leaning.

Even professionally installed aluminum fences can lean or sag over time, mainly due to factors like natural shifts in the Earth, the weather, or wildlife. The easiest place to spot these issues is at the fence posts, and even slight shifts in the ground below them can cause them to lean. Over time, they can snap out of position altogether. If you notice signs of shifting soil, try to correct it as early as possible. In some cases, total replacement of the fence may be necessary.

3. Your Fence’s Upright Supports Are Unstable.

When exposed to high winds, even something as strong as an aluminum fence is prone to wind-related damage. It’s easy to detect, too—simply push the upper part of the fence and determine whether there’s movement. Whether you need simple repairs or full replacement depends on the extent of the damage. If you install a new fence, make sure to use slatted or semi-solid panels that let wind move freely through the fence, so it’s more able to resist wind damage.

4. Your Fence Has Holes.

An aluminum fence provides privacy and security—but only if it’s not structurally compromised. If any missing or falling aluminum components have created gaps or holes in your fence, it’s important to repair or replace the fence right away. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more likely these issues will compromise adjacent components and create an even bigger one.

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