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Best Fencing Styles and Tips for DIYers

Ready to invest in a beautiful, high-quality fence for your property? You don’t have to break the bank to fence in your property with style, and there are several fencing styles that are perfect for people who are looking to save money with a DIY fence installation. Here are the best fencing styles and tips for DIYers.

Split Rail

Want to give your property some rustic charm? Split rail fences look great, are affordable, and hold up well to the elements. Best of all, they’re a very affordable fencing option, and they’re even easy to install. This fencing style features simple posts and rails that slide into the posts. Start by planning a layout, then invest in high-quality pre-cut split rail fencing components. 

You can dig holes for the posts with a post-hole digger and set the posts with a gravel base for proper drainage. Then, hang the rails between the posts, making minor adjustments as needed. Make sure to adjust each rail so that it evenly overlaps the posts on both ends.


Chain-link fences of today are much different than the ones you’re probably used to. Now, they can be ornamented and customized in colors and styles that complement the overall look of your property. Not only is chain-link fencing versatile, affordable, and a great option for securing your yard, but it’s also easy to install. 

After you’ve bought your chain-link fencing materials and developed a layout for your fence, start digging the post holes with a post-hole digger or two-person auger. It’s wise to add 6 inches of concrete to each post hole to keep posts stabilized for years to come. After setting the posts and attaching tension bands and any gate hardware you need, along with caps and rails, it’s time to unroll and install the fence fabric. Make sure the fence fabric is stretched and tightened and fasten it to tension bands on the ends of each post.

Woven Wire Fencing

If you’re looking for an affordable option for fencing a large area, woven wire fencing is an excellent choice. Woven wire is durable, allowing for longer spacing between posts which makes a big difference when you’re fencing a large area. It’s also an easy fencing type to install. Simply plan a layout for your fence, using posts to set boundaries and corners. Gather your materials and use a post-hole digger to set the posts. Once the posts are in place, roll out your woven wire fencing and use a hammer and fence staples to attach it to the posts.

Building Your Own Fence Is Easy With the Right Materials

Ready to get started on your DIY fencing project? Building a beautiful, long-lasting fence starts with selecting the right materials, and American Wholesale Fenceworks – Apollo Beach is standing by to help! Give us a call at (813) 556-9399 to learn more about the best DIY fencing options for your skill level and your budget.