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Is Welded Wire Fencing A Strong Style?

Does the type of mesh really matter when it comes to fences? When most people think of a wire fence, they don’t typically pay any mind to the style or how it’s made. However, the quality, composition, and crafting method can make a difference in how your property is secured. Today, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares will explain what welded wire fences are all about and the benefits that they can bring to your property.

The Basics Of Welded Wire Mesh

Although not the most common type of wire fence, many people go with welded wire because of its intense strength. When given the chance, you probably won’t be able to make welded wire fences budge in the slightest, and that’s all in how it’s crafted. To put it simply, you have wires placed in both horizontal and vertical rows. Then, at each intersecting point, a welding tool is used to permanently connect the two wires. This method is done throughout the entirety of the fence, leaving you with an incredibly durable product. Even after cutting this style of mesh, it will likely continue to retain its shape.

Compared To Woven Wire

Now you know what welded wire is, but how is it different from woven wire? Rather than using a welding tool, woven wire is simply intertwined at each intersection for a mesh that’s bendy and flexible. This is ideal in some cases, but some may prefer the strength of welded wire. It all boils down to preference.

Welded Fences

Woven Fences

● Stronger and more durable

● Doesn’t budge

● Difficult to climb

● Harder to cut through

● Offers tensile strength

● Extremely flexible

● Bouncy composition

● Easy to make and install

The Best Uses For Welded Wire Fences

In what cases would you need the high durability of a welded wire fence? Since it’s incredibly strong, difficult to penetrate even with tools, and leaves little to no leverage for climbing or scaling, this type is an excellent choice for places that require high security. This can include manufacturing plants, school zones, government facilities, or farmland for keeping in livestock.

Tips For Buying Welded Wire Fencing

For high-quality welded wire fences, you’ll get the best experience by seeking out a distributor that’s able to create custom orders to fit your specifications. You’ll be able to choose the height and thickness of your fence or customize the spacing of the gaps. You may also be able to opt for additional features like automated gate systems with access controls for extra security.

Top-Quality Welded Wire Fences In Tavares

For the best selection and customizable welded wire fences in Tavares, contact American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares! We can fabricate welded fences according to your desired dimensions. We also offer steel, aluminum, and chain link materials along with a variety of automated gate options. So, the next time you’re in need of a wire fence, call our friendly staff at (888) 610-1756 to ask about our welded wire fences and to receive a material quote on your custom order!