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Routed vs. Bracketed Fences

Ready to invest in a high-quality fence for your property? While fences can be installed in a variety of ways, the two most common are the routed method and bracketed method. Read on for an introduction to these two fencing styles, so you can choose the best option for your next fencing project.

Routed Fences

Routed fences typically consist of fence posts that are made with holes to accept the horizontal rails. End posts often have holes in one side to accommodate the rails and terminate the fence line, while corner posts have routed holes on adjacent sides to create a 90-degree corner. Line posts serve as intermediate posts and have holes on opposite sides to accept the rails. Because routed fences are held together so seamlessly—without any screws or nails attached—they’re both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the key benefits of routed fencing include:

  • Sleek, seamless aesthetic
  • Simple installation, with no screws or nails required
  • Often less expensive, both for the material itself and the installation

Bracketed Fences

If you stop by your nearest big-box home improvement store and look at their fencing options, you’ll most likely come across several bracketed fencing styles. These fences rely on metal brackets to hold each post in place, providing greater resilience and durability against the elements.

While bracketed fences can hold up well to years of wear and tear, you’re often sacrificing form and style for function. The metal brackets and fasteners that hold bracketed fences together offer greater protection against rot, wear, and tear, but they can be unsightly—not to mention sharp as you’re putting the fence together. Sometimes, these metal pieces can protrude from the fence and even discolor the fencing material over time.

Some of the key benefits of bracketed fencing include:

  • Durable construction that protects posts from rot
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • Resilient against the elements

Which Option Is Best for My Fence?

Not sure whether a routed or bracketed fence is right for your property? It all depends on what you hope to accomplish. If you’re looking for a stylish fence with a seamless look, a routed fence is your best option with its bracket-free design. For a tougher, functional fence that can withstand just about anything nature throws at it, bracket-enforced fencing may be a better option.

Pick the Best Fence for Your Property With the Help of American Wholesale Fenceworks

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