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4 Reasons Split Rail Fencing Is a Great Choice for Your Farm

Split rail fencing is used often in agricultural settings, thanks to its distinctive appeal and folk-like charm. A split rail fence is one of the simplest yet most functional fencing styles. It’s made of evenly spaced vertical fence posts with two or more horizontal rails that connect the fence lengthwise. Some split rail fences can also include diagonal rails for more durability and a unique aesthetic effect.

This fencing style offers much more than great aesthetics when used at rural properties—from functionality to ease of maintenance, there are several benefits to split rail fences. Here are four reasons why a split rail fence is an excellent choice for your farm.

1. They’re affordable.

Split rail fencing is much more affordable compared to other fencing options like chain link, aluminum, or vinyl This is especially important when you’re fencing a large area like a farm or other rural property. Split rail fences generally require much less material to build compared to other fences, and they’re one of the easiest fences to install. In most cases, even a person who’s inexperienced in construction or carpentry can install one on their own.

2. They’re functional.

While split rail fences won’t keep people out, they do provide a minor amount of security. They delineate the boundary of your property, which can discourage some amount of trespassing. On the other hand, split rail fences can keep most large animals contained to your land. Not only will your livestock remain on your property, but it will also keep your neighbors’ livestock out, so they won’t eat all your grass.

3. They’re safe.

Split rail fences are very safe since they’re typically made from dull, rounded posts and rails. You won’t have to worry about spooked livestock getting injured should they bump (or charge) into a fence. Likewise, children who climb the fence can’t be injured by the fencing material itself.

4. They’re easy to maintain.

Split rail fences have a unique, rustic charm—often, that’s why people choose this fencing material over all the others. If you appreciate the natural, wooden look of split rail fences, you’re in luck—no painting or repainting is required. The fencing materials are given special treatment prior to installation, making them durable against deterioration. Other than replacing a post from time to time, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your split rail fence. It will look and function great for years to come.

Add Style and Security to Your Farm With a Split Rail Fence

If you’re looking for the best fencing material for your farm property, you can’t go wrong with a split rail fence. Their rustic look is the perfect complement to any farm—it gives your property a rustic, homey look, all while clearly delineating your property lines. Ready to start building your split rail fence? Get all the supplies you need at American Wholesale Fenceworks. Get started on your fencing project by calling us today at (888) 610-1756!