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What Type of Wood Is Typically Used for Fence Rails?

Working on a DIY fence for your residential home or commercial property? You’ll need the best fence rails to go with your panels. If you’re unsure of where to begin looking, the experts at American Wholesale Fenceworks are here to help you out by informing you of which types of wood are typically used for fence rails for a final product that you’re guaranteed to be happy with.

Why You Need Fence Rails

You may be wondering if you even need fence rails in the first place. Although it’s technically possible to build a fence without any rails, we strongly advise against it. Plenty of people who have built fences in the past will argue that rails are an essential part of any fence even if it stands fine on its own at first. But in time, your panels will likely warp and twist from the lack of support and you’ll end up having to replace them much sooner than you would like to. By having reliable backing for support, your fence is guaranteed to have a much longer lifespan and less maintenance required. There’s a reason why this crucial part is considered the “skeleton” or “backbone”. The next step is figuring out what type of wood you should use for the best possible experience.

The Best Types of Wood for Fence Rails

Perhaps the easiest choice when deciding on a type of wood for your rails is to go with the same species that you used for your main panels. That way, you get the same level of durability throughout the whole thing and the appearance will be consistent throughout. However, you’ll want to consider different types of wood for added strength and other benefits since you’re basically relying on the rails to carry the overall integrity of your fence.

Western Red Cedar

Many people often use western red cedar simply because of how tough it is compared to other types of wood. It’s less likely to break and snap under pressure thus ensuring a decent lifespan. It also helps that red cedar displays a natural beauty in its rich burgundy color.

Pressure-Treated Pine

For those looking for something more cost-effective that still gets the job done, PT pine is a popular choice since the extra coating provides added protection against rot and moisture while promoting structural integrity. And if you’re worried about PT pine rails matching the color of your panels, they can easily be stained to the shade that you desire.

Where to Get Quality Fence Rails

There’s no need to spend hours researching the best place to get quality fence rails in the wood of your choosing because American Wholesale Fenceworks has everything you need! We proudly carry top-grade wood and you can order them pre-stained to match the aesthetic of your property. You can also ask for your rails to be custom-made if you need specific dimensions. All you have to do is give us a call at (888) 610-1756 and let us know what you’re looking for so we can get started on your order and a free quote!