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What’s the Best Lumber for Wood Fencing?

Even if you’re set on going with a wooden fence for your property, there are so many different types of wood that it can still be difficult to figure out what material to buy. The experts at American Wholesale Fenceworks are here to show you which type of lumber is best for wood fencing.

Pressure-Treated Pine

This is a very common type of lumber that’s used for residential fences mainly because of its low cost but also because of the additional perks that come with being pressure-treated. This special process enhances the natural pine wood by making it more resistant to moisture and insect bites. PT pine is also the most versatile type of wood in the sense that it can be easily stained or painted in any shade or color to best complement your home’s exterior design.

Cedar Wood

Cedar is a great step up from PT pine in terms of durability. Its natural composition is already resistant to rot and insects without needing a special coating. It also has a longer lifespan of up to 20 years or longer due to its increased toughness. Cedar wood is typically displayed as-is since it already has a bold and rich color without needing to be stained. For people who appreciate the allure of all-natural wood, cedar is a clear winner.

Cypress Wood

Similar to cedar, cypress wood is also naturally resistant to insects with the oils in its makeup acting as a deterrent. As far as rot and moisture, this softwood is able to hold onto coatings of sealant to amplify its resistance. And since it’s a bit on the softer side, it’s much easier to assemble with nails and screws. However, older cypress tends to be a bit tougher but is also capable of withstanding dents or scratches. And just like cedar, many people who choose cypress fences are attracted to the beautiful color.

Bottom Line

All of the options listed above sound incredible, but how do you begin to decide which one is best for you? Each property owner looks for different qualities when searching for a fence, but each of these types of lumber caters to some of the most desired features. For example, PT pine is usually the go-to for those who want the least expensive option. Cedar is desired for its durability and color while cypress is a jack-of-all-trades that effectively does a bit of everything.

Where to Get the Best Wooden Fencing In Orlando

As you can see, there are a few great options to consider when choosing your next wooden fence. Pressure-treated pine, cedar, and cypress all come with their own unique benefits. It all comes down to what’s best for your particular property. But no matter which type of lumber you choose for your fence, American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando has every type of material in all kinds of different sizes for a nearly endless combination of styles suitable for any property! Call (407) 961-6073 for more information about our inventory and for a free quote.