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Most Popular Fence Styles Of 2022

We’re nearing the end of 2022 and almost every homeowner is already thinking about how to change up their look for the new year. A home makeover can do wonders for your psyche, but don’t forget to change out your fence! Installing a new fence can tie together your home exterior renovations like you wouldn’t believe, and the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando are excited to show you the latest trends for you to consider.

Two-Toned Neutral Comfort

The two-tone color trend isn’t going away, but people are still managing to find different takes on this style. Many homeowners kicked off the trend with bright, bold colors. This time around, they’re taking a step back and discovering a newfound appreciation for double neutrals. White and tan is a great example as this combination is just enough to catch your attention while staying calm, peaceful, and just plain satisfying.

Tired of Pine? Go Cedar!

Most wooden fences are made with pine planks, but people are beginning to notice the allure of cedar wood as a stunning and durable fence option. Bold red cedar can make a statement, especially when used in modern horizontal fencing. The Red Diamond brand is especially the kind to go for with its premium selection.

The Topper Style Everyone Wants to Try

You’ve seen the saddle-cut, lattice, and traditional tops for fencing, but that’s been done plenty of times already. Those who were desperate for something new have done enough digging to come across an incredibly different fence style that could be taking over neighborhoods everywhere very soon. We’re talking about the privacy arch-topped (or saddle-cut) fence that is reminiscent of rounded ocean waves. This style looks particularly nice in two-toned color and has been seen in a light gray with a splash of white.

Non-Black Aluminum and Steel

Black aluminum is nothing new as it comes standard to fit any home aesthetic. However, a touch of color can make any aluminum or steel fence really stand out. Brown, in particular, is a stunning choice as it’s still able to complement most homes while acting as a nice alternative to the usual black.

Your Horses Will Love This One

When you think of a farm or ranch rail, you probably imagine whole, raw logs placed horizontally and forced into the posts for a natural homemade look. That’s been done for centuries already, and it’s only fair that farmers get different styling options, too. Thanks to modern technology and genius innovation, farm owners can get in on vinyl fencing with numerous vinyl ranch fence styles! The durability of PVC makes it a great choice while offering a modern take.

Find Any Style at American Wholesale Fenceworks!

Where could you possibly find these uncommon yet incredibly trendy fence styles? American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando offers the widest selection of fencing materials, styles, and colors in Florida for any remodel. If you’re worried about not being able to find what you’re looking for, we’re still the place to turn to with our ability to create custom orders. Give us a call at (407) 961-6073 to ask about our inventory and receive a material estimate!