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Best Privacy Fence Styles for Your Home’s Safety

When you imagine home protection, you’re more likely to think about alarm systems, durable locks, security doors, and so on. Those are all nice to have, but did you know that your fence can also play a role in protecting your home? American Wholesale Fenceworks is here to tell you about the best privacy fence styles for your home’s safety.

Threats to Your Home’s Safety

Home safety is important, but what exactly can pose a threat? One of the most common domestic crimes in the United States involves home break-ins. The thought of a burglar breaking into your home is a terrifying thought, but having a privacy fence installed along the perimeter of your yard can slow them down long enough for someone to notice and call the authorities. A strong privacy fence can also keep dangerous creatures at bay if you live in a neighborhood that sees frequent wildlife activity.

While it’s important to keep threats outside, home safety also involves keeping your loved ones nice and secure inside. Tall and durable privacy fences are effective at keeping children and pets inside your yard where you can keep an eye on them and ensure they’re away from danger.

Effective Privacy Fence Styles

Now that you know what can pose a threat to your home’s safety and how privacy fences can help, you may be wondering what kind of fences are up to the task. Not just any fence will do. As you can imagine, some fence styles are more effective than others when it comes to protecting your home.

Wooden Privacy Fences

Wooden fences are a common choice for those who want to maintain a natural look for their yard. While picket fences seem to be the standard, wooden fences can be made to have closed-off gaps for better privacy. Pressure-treated pine can add more durability and make the fence harder to break through.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl is a popular choice among pet owners since it has the tensile strength to keep animals from biting through. It’s also the more ideal choice for the privacy fence style since each section can easily be made into one solid piece as opposed to nailing a bunch of boards side-by-side.

Solid Aluminum Fences

Although not the cheapest option, solid aluminum fences that are powder-coated for longevity is the toughest option by far since it’s nearly impossible to break through without the use of heavy-duty tools.

Aluminum/Vinyl Crossover Fences

If you want the convenience and affordability of vinyl with the strength of aluminum, you can have your fence custom-made to include both! The panel itself can be made of vinyl while being secured with an aluminum frame and end posts for a nearly unstoppable combination!

Other Design Options to Consider

When it comes to the more particular design elements, consider a lattice topper for your own visibility or a scalloped panel topper to make it harder for trespassers to scale over. A sharp design for the post tops can also give potential burglars a difficult time.

American Wholesale Fenceworks Has Everything You Need!

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